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Miraflores Beach

Hello from Lima, Peru!

Since arriving in Peru on November 13th, in the middle of the night, we have seen and experienced so much. Met so many great people and learnt a lot.

On the night that we arrived it was 2:30 in the morning. We were very grateful for the Bed and Breakfast named Cusi Wasing for offering a shuttle service from the airport. Arriving that early in the morning or that late at night, in an area that is known for being unsafe, we felt much better knowing someone was waiting for us with our name on a board. It almost felt like we were in a movie.

The next day, November 14th, we headed to our next destination, Miraflores. The tourist area of Lima. Lima has a population of 10 million people. The noise and traffic was overwhelming at first, as was the language barrier. Latin Spanish is the language here in South America and it’s a little different the┬áPeninsular Spanish spoken in places like Spain.

Seven days, six nights in Surquillo

A 15 minute walk from Miraflores. The quick walk to the center of Miraflores made for easy access to all Lima has to offer. Mind you we did not do or see all it has to offer or we would need another two weeks and triple the money. Tourist areas are always pricey, we noticed this right away when seeing the prices at the restaurants near our Air BnB place in Surquillo and the prices in Miraflores and around the area of the beach. The prices doubled or tripled. The markets in the alley ways, away from the tourist areas were phenomenal. Prices were dirt cheap and the fruits and vegetables were amazing in quality.

As we explored the area of Miraflores, we quickly realized the chaotic traffic, noise, and the hustle and bustle was too much for us. We enjoyed seeing it and immersing ourselves in it to really understand it but we as country folk love the rural areas. So we are heading to Pisco, Peru tomorrow morning at 7:30. There we will see lots of history and ancient ruins. We plan to stay there for two days then heading to Ica, Peru for four days and then we head to Cusco for five days. We are then going to Machu Picchu (north of Cusco) on a two day hike. We can not wait to see what’s in our future!

Peru has been great! The people are kind and offer help when we are struggling.

Much more to come!

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