Our Journey Begins Tomorrow!

Over looking a field, on a journey.

Here We Go!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to say that after all of this painful waiting, we finally leave for London, Gatwick tomorrow on a 10pm flight! We get to spend two full days and one night in London, so we will do as much site seeing as we can (make sure you follow our IG: livewithit.travel so you never miss a photo).

The following day we will be getting on a flight to Barcelona, Spain! In Barcelona, we will be spending one day and one night before getting on a train (Renfe) that takes us nine and a half hours to Ponferrada, Spain. From there we will hop on a bus that takes us a half an hour to the next town where our Hostess will be waiting to pick us up!

The first few days is going to be a little stressful as we navigate through a foreign country where we don’t speak the language, and this being our first time traveling further than New Brunswick makes that all seem very intimidating.

This will also be the first time on a plane for both of us, and with having anxiety along with a pretty big fear of heights, it’s probably pretty obvious that I am terrified. Tristian is always very calm, cool and collected though, so that helps with keeping me grounded.

There are still a lot of unknowns, but we can promise you that we are working really hard to find out everything we need to know before we arrive. Little things keep coming up, but that is probably just the universe testing us to see how badly we really want this.

I can tell you one thing – nothing will stop us from chasing this dream. Life is too short, and we are too young to settle for less! Now that the waiting is over, the hard work can begin. We know it will all be worth it.

The goal is to travel for up to five years while building our online business as we go. We have big dreams to help people in need, so once we are able to help ourselves we will be able to achieve our next dream of helping others that really need it.

We have heard so many people say that travel has changed their lives in ways they could never have imagined and though we are just barely getting started, it has already impacted our lives in such a positive way. Tomorrow is a big day, and an even bigger step in the right direction. So CHEERS to that…

The journey awaits us…


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  1. Enjoy all you can . Be safe and stay happy . It must be so exciting to start your new adventure !

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