Geared and Ready?


How does one prepare for a 3 month trip?

It goes without saying that we are dying to get our feet off the ground and in the air, but are we actually ready? In general, yes. I think we have prepared ourselves mentally the best we can! But the question that most travellers in our shoes have to ask themselves is: do we have all the gear needed to travel as backpackers, for 3 months?

The answers to these types of questions can vary depending on how long you’re staying and where you’re going. However, there are some vary basic items that should be priority for every backpacker to consider having in their backpacks.

Melanie and I started buying our travel gear roughly 4 months before our departure date of May 03. We did some research to find the most important things one should have, such as a comfortable fitting backpack and footwear, mostly quick dry clothing, money belt, umbrella, travel adapter, filtered water bottle, and a few other must-haves.

Since we are staying in Spain, we will be hiking beautiful trails every weekend. We will need active, light, quick dry clothing to feel comfortable and enjoy our surroundings. We definitely do not want to be drenched in sweat, or soaked to our toes in rain when we have such a limited supply of clothing.

Travel packing cubes are something we decided would be necessary to keep organized and stress free when finding certain items on the go. After looking at our complete inventory we can’t help but to feel a little over packed, but this is our first long travel experience, so we can’t go under prepared! The cool thing is, other travellers look to trade items on the go so that will be great in some cases.

We have also packed a tent because we love to camp whenever we have the chance to, and we know that it will be less expensive in most cases. Luckily we were able to find a nice, sleek little hiking tent on Amazon for just over $100! It is super light and fits right inside with the rest of our things, which is very convenient.

To sum it up, one must pack with the intentions of living the minimalist lifestyle. Only having what’s needed, with multiple uses. This will cut down on space and weight, making for a much less stressful trip.

It is definitely a crazy feeling to know that we will be living out of our backpacks for up to 3 months, but we are determined to life a simpler life in order to travel the world together. You guys, Spain is just the beginning for us. We are ready for this!!!

Tristian and Melanie


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