Hello! Welcome to our blog on travel advice and awesome adventures! We are new bloggers and creators of LWI, Melanie Corkum and Tristian Lowe.

Who are we? We are a young couple from Bridgewater, NS. who have quit our jobs to become world explorers while building an income together online.

What is our plan? We have a goal to prove to our friends and family that crazy is the new happy, and happy is exactly what we are, while working for our dreams and (hopefully) inspiring others to do the same. We both have the same passion for travel and adventure, and now we are ready to share our adventures with you! We hope to build a community of like minded individuals who all love to experience life in a meaningful way, people who aren’t afraid to live in a way that is different to the “norm” of today’s general population, and most importantly, people who spread love and positivity and lift others up!

You can look forward to new travel and lifestyle content from us at LWI at least 1-2 times per week! Make sure you like, share, follow and subscribe to all of our other social platforms for lots of fun photos, videos and more! Let it be known – we appreciate you so much!

Please contact us below if you have any questions! We will be happy to hear from you! 🙂